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Sep 26, 2011 4:30am EDT
are searching for the people who killed five people in the small town of laurel, indiana. investigators aren't sure if the shooter is among the dead or still on the loose. >>> metro trains are running on time this morning through union station. an electrical fire shut down the station for nearly two hours yesterday. 65 firefighters responded to the call around 6:30 p.m. they found smoke billowing from the ventilation shafts in front of the building. calls for buses went out to passengers in other stops. amtrak service was not affected. shops and restaurants were included in the evacuation, but by 8:00 last night everything was back to normal. >>> we now know the names of the students injured in a balcony fall this weekend at the university of virginia. 20-year-old joseph gab blow is hospitalize in critical condition and 18-year-old cory minor is in stable condition. minor is a student at the university of virginia. graph viper pro was visiting uva at the time. it appears a second story railing gave way. >>> today engineers will give details in their findings of damage to the washington monum
Sep 5, 2011 4:30am EDT
. >>> a new strain of swine flu has shown up in two children in pennsylvania and indiana. the virus includes a gene from the h1n1 strain. the centers for disease control and prevention say there's no sign the virus has spread beyond those two children. >>> with flu season approaching, doctors say most children need to get another flu shot. the american academy of pediatrics reports that immunity drops as much as 50%, six to 12 months after vaccinations. the group says everyone six months and older should receive a flu shot. >>> and yoga may be beneficial for diabetes. a small study published in journal diabetes care suggests light yoga may help people with type two diabetes lose weight and control blood sugar levels. while yoga should not replace other more vigorous forms of exercise, it a should be added to the mix. >> before we head to break, time for a look at the question of the morning. >> what do you think? add your guess to our facebook page. we'll read your comments which i imagine will be quite fun. >> whatever. >> the answer to the survey coming up in a little bit. if you've got pa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2